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Thank you for your interest in upgrading you account. Your help is really appreciated and you will benefit from all the information on this site.

Currently, there are three ways to upgrade:

Credit Card

(Don't want to use your personal credit card?! Buy a gift Visa card and submit that number and other info.)

We have a secure web page/form that will allow you to send your card information securely. Your name and address, etc. are not required. You do need to enter the card number, expiration date, CCV code on the back of the card and your zip code.

Your card information is not stored anywhere for future use. So, unlike Target, your information is not accessible after the transaction is done. Once your card is charged the information is deleted. (If you sign up for a lower level and then decide to upgrade to a higher level you would have to resubmit your information.)

The credit card statement will show from CZ Delivery, which there is a website in case your significant other decides to see what the charge was.

Your credit card will not be charged until just before your account is upgraded.

To use the credit card option go to Credit Card.

Snail Mail

You can still upgrade using snail mail with Cash, Check, or Money Order. If using a Check or MO please make it out to CZ Delivery.

Mail to:

CZ Delivery
1025 Elderberry Dr
House Springs, MO 63051

Be sure to include your username!!

Again, make checks and MO out to CZ Delivery. Once we receive your payment we will upgrade your account and notify you via your email on your account or PM if that option is available to you. Be sure to send an email to admin@ratethatprovider.com letting me know that you have mailed it.

Reloadable Card

Due to issues with the reloadable card people I cannot post the information directly on the website. Please email admin@ratethatprovider.com or PM Diveguy for more information on this option.


PayPal is not an option. They had no problem for 3 years and then one day decided the site was outside their usage policies.

I will upgrade your account as soon as I receive the information. Obviously, with snail mail it will take a couple of days. With the reload and credit card options it could take a couple of minutes or hours depending on when the information was sent. I sleep during the afternoon. Every time I wake up though I check and if I see it I will upgrade you.


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